Brackish Water Area

Brackish Water Area means an area where the river flows into the sea, mixing fresh water with seawater. It is a place where the flow of water in the river collides with the flood tide of the sea. The idea of a brackish water area gives us a metaphor―a metaphor of encountering, conflicting and/or mixing two things: mountain and sea culture, the local and the global, the reality of war and the *message of peace. Like a brackish water area where we find a unique and rich biotic community, Hiroshima Art Project 2008 will create a site of interaction among different things.


Executive Committee of Hiroshima Art Project


Hiroshima City University
Hiroshima City Citizen and Community Network Foundation
Yoshijima Community Center in Hiroshima City


Agency For Cultural Affairs, Asahi Beer Arts Foundation
Commemorative Organization for the Japan World Exposition '70
Asahi Shimbun Foundation, Chugoku Construction Association


Asahi Breweries, Ltd.

In cooperation with:

Hiroshima Cultural Promotion Foundation
Yoshijima Higashi School District Council of Social Welfare


Konan Streets Council